"No matter your age or physical condition,   therapeutic massage can assist your

mind-body connection with a positive
de-stressing effect."

Meet Jan


 Jan Scaglia formed Nurturing Therapeutic Massage LLC (NTM) in 2005. She brings the bodywork of massage therapy, as well as Abdominal Therapy, to the health conscious as well as those with conditions ranging from pre/post-surgical (including breast augmentations), stress, gastric system issues, reproductive system issues, cancer, stroke, to end-of-life. There is a strong focus on the prenatal clientele stemming from experiences as a certified labor doula which brings a wealth of knowledge to each session. The variety of needs is vast and Jan caters her massage therapy sessions to the clients individual needs.​

Therapeutic Massage


Each massage therapy session is catered to the client's specific needs...relaxation, pre- or post- surgery, chronic condition, pre- or post-natal.

156 East Avenue, second floor

Norwalk, CT 06851


Tel: 203.984.0407

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