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"I started seeing Jan in 2013 a few months after my first son was born and she has become an integral part of my village. She is a skilled, knowledgeable and nurturing massage therapist. She can easily hone in on the sources of pain and often finds tight areas even before I point them out. I love that her massages are very therapeutic yet incredibly relaxing and restorative. She has helped me tremendously with reducing and managing general motherhood-related aches and pains (and stress!), severe neck and back tightness, headaches, and stiffness and pain in my facial muscles caused by jaw surgery. She has given me great pointers on stretches and massages that I can do on my own to help relieve pain in between visits. During my second pregnancy, her wonderful pre-natal massages helped me feel much more comfortable. And during the post-partum period, she helped me regain strength and flexibility and gave me wonderful tips for soothing my baby with gentle baby massage. She is also just a pleasure to be with and talk to; she's warm, caring, supportive, has a fantastic sense of humor and is wonderful with my children. I really could go on and on about her and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a skilled and nurturing massage therapist."
                                                -Emyluz R.
"Jan has been my massage therapist for about nine years. She is very friendly and very focused on my specific needs. She helps me cope with the side effects of my migraines; severe tightness in my upper back, shoulders and neck muscles. Jan is always able to loosen them up again. In the past I've tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and trigger point injections, but nothing works as well as Jan's massages. I still do get my migraines, but they tend to be less severe than in the past."
                                                -Petra S.
"I met Jan at the hospital in 2011 where I was for an extended stay following a severe stroke. I have continued receiving massage at home twice a week which is the highlight of my usual week. It is a wonderful relief from the contracture of my muscles, especially the affected hand and foot where we have so many little muscles which are so much more sensitive than the big leg muscles for example. Jan is great at massage and goes beyond by helping me with minor things at my home. I took her with me on a trip and she was a delight, massage every day- heaven!"
"In my humble opinion in today's chaotic world, everyone needs a miracle maker to experience and know that life is more than we know. Miracles do indeed exist!!!
My 'miracle maker' is Jan, my massage therapist. Yesterday, my back was screaming bloody hell, I couldn't stand, bend or lift
anything without intense pain in my tailbone. I knew I had to be healthy enough to take care of the baby today for a 10 hour shift (which of course requires all of the above movements). After my Abdominal massage with Jan which included 4 Motrin prior, I was feeling amazingly flexible and strong. It was truly a miracle. I am blessed beyond belief to have Jan in my life, so if you're looking for a 'miracle maker', I highly recommend Jan!!!"
-Golden Hawk
"I've been going to Jan for about four years and she never fails to sleuth out and ease the trouble spots. I get off her table feeling lighter, reassembled and ready for the next physical challenge life may have in store."
                                                   -Christie Nichols
"Jan is a wonderful, well trained, experienced & caring massage therapist. I began receiving medical massages from Jan while still a patient in the hospital, following my unusual stroke in late 2011. Jan always listens. But, more importantly she feels the muscle tightness, often before I can even tell her! My biggest motivator for Jan's weekly massage is to relax my tight muscles; but, also to bring more blood & oxygen to my weaker muscles - assisting their strengthening. I see my physical therapist to strengthen muscles & to relax spastic areas. Then, I see Jan a few days later to re-align & relax muscles - yet also invigorate! It's been a long process, but my function continues to improve....which ultimately decreases muscle pain. Decreasing pain is a Great Motivator! 
Massage Works!!"
                                                          -Martha W.
"Jan has been wonderful to work with throughout my pregnancy. Her knowledge and support is amazing, especially because she used to be a labor doula. I always feel so comfortable knowing that Jan knows the right positions and pressure points to keep me 100% safe during my pregnancy. Jan has tremendously helped my sciatica and back pain and I look forward to all of our massages. I highly recommend her to any prenatal clients for a wonderful, safe experience!"
                                                          -Kaitlyn G.
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